Executive training for managers in Kumasi - Ghana with Bluspark

Executive training for managers in Kumasi - Ghana with Bluspark

Testimony of Julien Guittet – CEO Bluspark

As you know I am in Kumasi, Ghana this week for an Executive Training of the Ghana Water Company Ltd. officers in digital transformation and water innovations. 💧

What a chance to be here and to have very operational exchanges as we love them… Not to mention the pleasure of projecting ourselves with our partners by imagining the construction of a common future! 🤩

Sustainable investment in infrastructure and innovation is a key vector for economic growth… And that’s why I think our digital platform is the ideal tool to strengthen the “resilience” of all infrastructures, and even that of the Greater Accra water network.

How can we do this? By securing the water supply to industries in this territory and increasing the satisfaction of its 5,000,000 inhabitants while improving the efficiency of resource use 💪

Want to know more? You should have come and joined our heated discussions in Kumasi 😉
But we promise we will reveal the details of the plan worked out with GWCL managers very soon…and of course Bluspark will have a prominent place!

A big thank you to AgroParisTech – Institut des sciences et industries du vivant et de l’environnement, our partners & the GWCL for the trust they put in us! 🙏