10 Smartest Cities In The World For 2020 - 175 cities ranked by IESE

10 Smartest Cities In The World For 2020 - 175 cities ranked by IESE

The Smartest Cities: Top Ten









175 cities classified according to "smartitude" including 5 in France ....
Check African and Asian cities.
Africa top 5 smart cities









Asia Top 5 smart cities









3 criteria in "Environmental Indicators for Waste and Water"
Environmental Indicators smart cities
Environmental Indicators smart cities













Thanks to Courrier International (in French) which cites Forbes and the source PDF IESE Navarra (in English)

The main source is IESE Cities in Motion Index (Navarra) >> see the 2022 world map
i.e. IESE Business School Navarra (but the parent IESE is London)

Interesting PDF because there are governance criteria  (governance word used 5 times in the intro of the study): rights, corruption, democracy ....
Good reading (in English but Google Translate is still efficient)




https://www.courrierinternational.com/article/classement-quelles-sont-les-villes-les-plus-smart-du-monde (French)


https://asialyst.com/fr/2016/02/01/asie-des-villes-intelligentes-quelles-reponses-au-defi-urbain/ (French)

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