About us

A training school for leaders and city managers in the service of communal goods

For urban water and sanitation services, the management of communal goods, and for leadership development

Our mission

We train professionals, managers, and decision-makers in urban services and growing domains. Through constant interaction with institutions looking towards the future, we partner with like-minded collaborators looking to adapt their practices to best serve large regions in the next 5 to 10 years.
The Chair is dedicated to professionals who play a crucial role in driving change and reform in the urban water and sanitation industry.

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“Ensuring access for all to water and sanitation and ensuring the sustainable management of water resources is Goal 6 set by the UN 2030 Agenda.”


Our history

Launched in 2009, the Teaching and Research Chair Water for All aims to carry out research and training actions to facilitate universal and sustainable access to water and sanitation.
Its founding members are AgroParisTech, SUEZ, ParisTech, The SUEZ Foundation, and Mines ParisTech. Focusing on the management of urban drinking water and sanitation services in emerging countries, it aims to create an international reference center to strengthen the skills of managers and thus contribute to achieving the objectives of sustainable development.

Our large projects across the globe since 2009

Our completed projects:
The Water School of Haiti is now run by the National Professional Institute of Haiti.
The Pan African Capacity Building Program, developed in collaboration with AFD and the Southern Bank of Development of Africa in Johannesburg. This program was built between 2012 and 2015 with our partners 2iE Ouagadougou and NWSC in Kampala.

Our projects in progress:
Developed with AFD, the FEXTE ASIE project reinforced the leadership abilities of managers of urban water and sanitation services through the promotion of French economic influence in the following countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Our field partners for this project were ESSEC, LKY School of Public Policy, PPWSA, and SRWSA.
Developed with AFD on the Al Jazari Academy in Lahore, The FEXTE PAKISTAN Project focused on training the talents of WASAs (Urban Water and Sanitation Services of Pakistan).

A worldwide influencer since 2009

157 managers across 47 countries | 31 middle-managers across 3 countries | 48 managing directors across 20 countries

Our founding members

The Institute of Sciences and Industries of Life and Environment.
Establishing a reference at the international level, AgroParisTech is the leading European School of Engineers and Managers under the Ministry of Agriculture. They respond to the major challenges of the 21st century: nourishing people through sustainably managing territories, preserving natural resources, and encouraging innovation.

The SUEZ Foundation
The Suez Foundation prioritizes inclusiveness by supporting projects which foster access to essential service for disadvantaged populations in developing countries. Its actions contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Experts in the water and waste industry going on 160 years, SUEZ has a presence across the 5 continents and is made up of 88,576 dedicated employees. Aiming to act as leaders in the sustainable resource revolution, they put all their efforts towards innovation and efficient management.

Our financial partners

French Development Agency (AFD)
A public financial institution, the French Development Agency fights against poverty, supports economic growth, and contributes to the development of global public goods in developing and emerging countries across French overseas territories.

Water Agency Rhône Mediterranean and Corsica
The Rhône Méditerranée Corsica Water Agency is a public institution of the State, under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment. It carries out international cooperative actions in the fields of water supply, sanitation, the fight against pollution, and the preservation of water resources.

Seine-Normandy Water Agency
The Seine-Normandy Water Agency is a state-owned public institution, under the supervision of two ministries: the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Finance.
The international action of the Seine-Normandy Water Agency is in line with the facing the challenge of access to water and sanitation for all.