For operational and executive directors of services International regional courses in Asia

Setting up action plans and monitoring their implementation in the field

Pour les directeurs généraux International regional courses in Asia

For whom

  • Executive Directors
  • Exploitation Directors
  • Financial Directors
  • Executive Officers
  • Managers

Why follow this training?

The Water for All Chair offers thematic specialized sessions.
  • They bring together industry experts and are open to any water and sanitation professional. Come and learn about the operational management of your unit and the operating processes, acquire new practices and new tools.
  • Innovate and upgrade your knowledge in the perspective of the evolution of your career. Restructure your teams and equip your employees with new practices and organizations to support the reform of the sector.
  • Lead your drinking water or sanitation service towards excellence in continuity, quality, sustainability and accessibility.

Training contents

Real work situation: international regional courses

For three weeks trip, 15 days training, after Singapore ESSEC and LKY School, the trainee will have the opportunity to work on a real case of change management by drinking water and sanitation companies: the Phnom Penh Water Supply authority (PPWSA) and Siem Reap Water Supply authority (SRWSA) in Cambodia. A 3-week programme, covering areas such as: urban development, “pro-poor” strategies, sanitation, energy management, etc.

Group work

As is often the case in working life, the trainee have to work in groups on case studies presented during class work, PPWSA and SRWSA case studies.

Assessment methods

The assessment system is based on the practical application of knowledge acquired during the lecturer in the development of the strategic action plan. The PPWSA and SRWSA case study, carried out in working groups is important in the final mark of the trainee.

The assessment of each module is based on:
  • development of the Knowledge Transfer Forms (KTF) for each of the thematic units: the trainee will carry out an analysis of her/his company about the theme worked in each unit, using a “diagnostic-strategy-action” approach. These forms will help the trainee developing the strategic action plan.
  • trainee’s active participation and the quality of their oral presentations.

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