Non-revenue water

Manage water losses and build action plans to fight against unbilled water (physical and commercial)

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The AgroParisTech Chair “SUEZ – General Management of Urban Water and Sanitation Services” through its ADVANCED MASTER “Water for All” – OpT offers short training courses made up of 16 modules. Their duration varies from 1 to 4 days.

They can be grouped by Thematic Unit such as Service Economics/Customers and Operations/Governance and Institutional or Innovations.

NEW in 2023: a training course 100% dedicated to sanitation!

These short courses will enable you to acquire more knowledge and know-how on subjects specific to your water and/or wastewater service, or to the sector in the broadest sense.

They are given in French or in English.

The teaching is done by professionals with at least 10 years of international experience in the field.

For whom?

For professional from water and/or sanitation services
  • Executive Directors
  • Head of services
  • Operational Directors
  • Financial Directors
  • Executive Officers
  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Project managers

Training benefits

The AgroParisTech -SUEZ Chair offers specialized sessions to strengthen your skills in your urban water and/or sanitation service. This training is provided by internationally renowned experts in the sector.

Come and learn about the operational management of your unit and its operating processes, acquire new practices and new too

Upgrade your knowledge with our tools and methods to better control your department’s water losses


Define your water loss reduction strategy by establishing a diagnosis


Understand the water loss phenomenon and its dynamics

training benefits


Appropriate tools that will allow you to diagnose the real or apparent losses of your service

Understand that the issue of water loss is not just about finding and fixing leaks, but is related to all activities of a water utility.


  • Implement a policy for their control and reduction
  • Understand that the issue of water loss is not only about finding and repairing leaks, but is related to all activities of a water utility.

Course content:

Water Loss Reduction

  • Issue
  • Strategy
  • Hydraulic Assessment

Actual Losses

  • Diagnosis
  • Indicators
  • Methods and Tools
  • Action Plan
  • Case Studies

Apparent losses

  • Diagnosis
  • Indicators
  • Methods and Tools
  • Action Plan
  • Case Studies.

Strategy, Action Plan and Change Management

  • Identify water losses
  • Measure unbilled water volumes.
  • Break them down according to their causes.
  • Deduct the corresponding financial loss.
  • Design a real and apparent loss strategy

Skills acquired:

  • Understanding of the phenomenon of water losses (real or apparent) and their dynamics
  • Understanding of the impact of the various activities of the company on the level of water losses Establishing a diagnosis on water losses (and hydraulic balance)
  • Define a strategy to reduce water losses
  • Establish an action plan to reduce water losses
  • Monitoring the implementation of an action plan
  • Condition for the sustainability of the results of an action plan, change management


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