Executive training for Managing Directors

Our short training courses are dedicated to decision-makers and top managers in water and sanitation services to help them better project themselves into the future in the short and long term. Capacity building seminars are offered to managing directors in order to meet your commitments to the populations, while taking into account your means and constraints.

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Capacity building seminars are proposed to you to renew your ways of doing things, update them, make them more relevant, increase your ability to deal with complexity.

Between 5 and 8 days, these seminars in residential mode allow you to master :

– Strategic management and prospective analyses over 10 years
– The digital transformation of services
– The Water and Energy Nexus
– Governance of urban sanitation (collective and individual)
– Water resources mobilization and climate change

as well as other topics crucial for the sustainability of your services

For whom?

These training courses are intended for Managing Directors and members of their General Management, managers holding key positions in regulatory bodies, ministries, or national authorities in charge of water and sanitation.
  • Head of services
  • Managing directors
  • Managers of regulatory authority
  • Secretary of State
  • National directors in charge of water resources
  • Operational managers

Training benefits

You are General Managers, Directors of Services, Regulatory Bodies, Secretary of State, National Authorities in charge of Water and Energy resources? Do you have to constantly adjust your strategies according to the growth of your cities and the behaviour of users? The management of your human resources, investments and costs are key issues for your city. Anticipation is THE key concept of your strategy?

Strengthening the skills of CEOs or their advisors and deputies is above all about satisfying your commitments to the population, taking into account your means and constraints.

Prepare the reforms of your sector and make leverage on the actors and decision-makers. Strengthen your leadership capacities through strategic management over 10 to 15 years. Enrich your negotiating skills in the context of governance and management of your internal and external human resources.

Master the design of strategic management models.
Integrated management objectives: mobilization of water resources, human resources, unaccounted for water, performance, etc.

– Operating and investment costs
– Dashboards and situation analysis
– Risk anticipation
– Sensitivity analysis of projections

Master your strategic management model with:

– transfers of diagnostic, planning and projection methods
– strategy simulations using innovative tools
– an innovative pedagogy delivered by expert strategy trainers

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Join our training for strategy leaders

At the end of the training you will have at your disposal strategic planning tools: tools for the diagnostic phase, tools for analysis, projection, planning, execution, evaluation, as well as negotiation skills.

Training contents and sessions

We offer CUSTOMIZED TRAINING from 10 people on your continent, in your country, your region or on one of our campuses.


  • Yannick BONHOMME

    Yannick BONHOMME

    Yannick BONHOMME is a specialist in Business management and Marketing. He has worked since 1995 for the Suez Environment- Lyonnaise des Eaux group – on a wide range of sales management and business restructuring programs, resulting in his being tasked with the overall responsibility for a number of large-scale services (100 000 to 500 000 customers), organization of the customer management manuals and recovery of subscribers files, physical verification of connections and mapping update, invoicing management and recovery of outstanding bills. He has field experience in the development, implementation and monitoring of emergency plans after analyzing the billing cycle and the design of business recovery plans. He has worked in Morocco and Romania within the central divisions but also carried out numerous field missions in Egypt and Central Europe. From 1985 to 1994, as part of SAUR Africa, he headed the invoicing and customer management services for various water companies in Angola, Mozambique, Chad, Kinshasa and Ivory Coast.



    Henri BARTHALAN is graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris. He started his career in 1972 at Lyonnaise des Eaux as technical engineer and as such has achieved the construction of water production plants and distribution networks. He managed technically and commercially a regional area in the south west of France. Since 1981, he has been in charge of various administrative missions including management control but mainly customer services. He has managed the entire customer services of regional centers (back-office, front office including call center). At the headquarters, he has had in charge the coordination of the customer activities and operational methods of 30 regional centers (harmonization of the methods – creation and coordination of a best practices exchange network –  He did expertise and assistance missions with the regional centers). More recently, in Italy, he was customer manager for a company serving 350 000 customers and implemented a new organisation introducing a systematic rationalisation approach of the work methods and organisations. During his career, he has achieved a number of expertise and assistance missions in various countries.


The training locations are in France or abroad in luxury hotels or business centres depending on demand.
Accommodation and catering costs are included in the price of the training course.

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