OUR MISSION Ensure access to quality water and sanitation and ensure sustainable management of resources

The AgroParisTech "SUEZ - General management of urban water and sanitation utilities" Chair strengthens the skills of leaders and managers of urban water and sanitation services through training, knowledge sharing and contributes to research in this field

International Executive Master "Water for All" Managers, engineers, executives...

Executive Training for Managing Directors Head of services, top managers...

Short Trainings Operational and executive directors..

Face the challenges of tomorrow

Plan and anticipate the social evolutions, the diversities and the urban growth.

Learn from the best

Our experts of international renown will give you a better vision and will help you to build your action plans with innovative tools

Satisfy the population

Reach the objectives of sustainable development and equal access to the basic water and sanitation services

"This training session is a great interesting course, different from what we know academically. It is a more of practical master [...] because i am getting information from experienced countries so we learn from each other"

Freda BUYENGI Manager & Principal Engineer - NWSC - Kampala (UGANDA) > See the complete portrait de Freda BUYENGI

Welcome to the AgroParisTech "SUEZ - General Management of Urban Water and Sanitation Services" Chair

Leadership and professional management are the keys to services transformation. Our MBA-type "International Executive Master", our courses of a few weeks, or our prestigious training for Managing Directors prepare you for these challenges.

Jean Antoine FABY Director of the AgroParisTech "SUEZ - General Management of Urban Water and Sanitation Services" Chair