The ParisTech Chair “SUEZ – Water for All” contributes to research actions

For the dissemination of knowledge, operational practices, and management needed to improve access to water and sanitation in urban or surrounding areas.

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Axes of our Research Actions

The research program is built and evolves under the guidance of a scientific council. It supports projects, Doctorates, Master’s and Engineer’s dissertations, and organizes scientific meetings. See the scientific meetings:

1st scientific meeting: “Innovating approaches towards water services”
2nd scientific meeting: “Management and governance of large urban water and sanitation services”
3rd scientific meeting: “Sanitation and its challenges”

Framework for our current research actions:

  • Urban sanitation and its institutional mechanisms
  • Institutional change for the development of sanitation practices
  • Promote access to water while respecting the environment
  • Analysing the conditions of water access for different populations
  • Strengthen the governance of drinkable water and sanitation services

Dr Marine COLON
Enseignant-Chercheur AgroParisTech, UMR G-EAU.

Proposals and calls for projects

The Chair dedicates funds to the development of research programs on water or sanitation with two main missions:

  • Support the arts
  • Organizing scientific events

Researchers can conduct a literature review that outlines: the research questions explored, the methodologies used, the main results, and the areas explored. A typology of the treated cases will be expected in order to guide possible future investigations. Researchers can help organize scientific events related to the Chair’s Scientific Council.

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