Research supported by the "Water for All" Chair

Research to shed light on the management of public water and sanitation services in cities in developing and emerging countries.

Research actions supported in 2021-2024

Overcoming Institutional and Organizational Barriers to Urban Sanitation Development

A research grounded in the field

The Chair supports scientific production based on case studies, embedded in the management problems encountered by urban sanitation stakeholders.

Research monitoring

The Chair’s research actions are designed and implemented by AgroParisTech within its UMR Gestion de l’Eau Acteurs Usages (

The orientation of these projects is subject to the opinion of a scientific council made up of competent scientific personalities and validated by the Chair’s Strategic Orientation Council.

The members of the Chair’s scientific council are :
Pierre Bauby (Fondation Jean Jaurès), Sarah Botton (AFD), Lætitia Guérin (INRAE, UMR GEAU), Pierre-Louis Maraux (CIRAD, UMR GEAU), Claude Ménard (Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne), Marie-Hélène Zérah (IRD, CSH), Thierry Rieu (UMR GEAU).

The scientific council is chaired by Thierry Rieu, water resource economist, research fellow at UMR GEAU.

The scientific meetings of the Chair

The Chair organizes days of exchange and reflection between researchers and professionals in the sector, which are open to all.

        1st Scientific meeting: April 25,2013

          2nd Scientific meeting: Sept 19,2014

            3rd Scientific meeting: Nov 18,2016

        4th Scientific meeting: May 6 and 7,2021


Supported actions and publications

Calls for Proposals

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Research work supported by the Chair

Post Doc:

2020 : Héloise Valette, institutional framework for the development of sanitation

Support for Master’s internships:

2017: Prize to Amal Ennabih

2010: In partnership with the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (Uganda) :

Marine Colon: “Incentive mechanisms in the African public sector: the experience of public water services in Ugandan cities”- Université de Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense (dir. Michel Nakhla)

Alice Laporte-Vergnes: “Evaluation of a water access policy in the slums of Kampala”- Cranfield University (dir Richard Franceys)

Julie Plessis: “Training needs of water service managers” – Cranfield University (dir Richard Franceys)

Julie Mons: “Strategies to combat water losses in water services in the South, the case of Kampala”- Cranfield University, ENGEES (dir Ri-chard Franceys)

Thesis support:

2018-2019 – Amal Ennabih

“An innovation policy between international transfer, national display and local government: wastewater reuse in Maroc and Tunisia”

(dir Gilles Massardier) CNRS Triangle

2011-2014 – Marine Colon

“Performance contracts in the Ugandan urban water sector, structures of the materialization of the market logic and institutional work support, Management”

AgroParisTech, 2014. French.

2013 – Papa Samba Diop

University of Cheikh Anti Diop

List of publications and other productions

2022: Research articles

Amadou Mouctar DIALLO – Master 2 research internship in the social sciences of water

“City-wide inclusive sanitation in practice: how is on-site sanitation management in Acca, Ghana, taken into account?

Eduardo GÓMEZ JIMÉNEZ – MSc research internship in social sciences of water

“Multiple-usa water services in rural semi-arid areas of Mozambique: a sustainable and equitable solution?”

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2020: educational films on sanitation

Sanitation and its challenges

The sanitation utility and its operators
2018: Special Issue in Utilities Policy: Sanitation and wastewater Edited by Claude Ménard

2016 : Proceedings of the 3rd scientific meeting of the Chair, Sanitation and its stakes, Amal ENNABIH, Claude MENARD and Thierry RIEU (eds), Notes tech-niques, n°42, 61 p, AFD. issn : 2492-2838

Based on work that has received financial support from the Chair:

Marine Colon, 2018, Le contrôle de gestion dans l’ana-lyse institutionnelle – les contrats de performance dans le secteur de l’eau ougandais, Presse des Mines.

Marine Colon, Silver Mugisha. 2018, Internal Perfor-mance Contracts: A Case of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation in Uganda. Jan JANSSENS, Didier CARRON, Philippe MARIN, Philip GIANTRIS, Tom WILLIAMS. Performance-Based Contracts (PBC) for Improving Utilities Efficiency: Experiences and Perspectives, IWA Publishing.

Lætitia Guerin Schneider, Pierre-Louis Mayaux, Magalie Bourblanc, Marine Colon. 2016, Is there a sense of history in water services? Un modèle post-évolutionniste, Politiques et Management public, Institut de management public, 33 (1), pp.5-25. 〈_COPY1〉

Marine Colon, Laetitia Guerin-Schneider. 2015, The re-form of New Public Management and the creation of public values: compatible processes? An empirical-analysis of public water utilities. International Review of Administrative Sciences, SAGE Publications

Marine Colon.2014, Performance contracts in the Ugandan urban water sector, structures for the materialization of the market logic and supports for institutional work, PhD thesis in management,
Management and management. AgroParisTech. French.

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