Enhancing Mediterranean Integration: A New Vision for the Mediterranean

Enhancing Mediterranean Integration: A New Vision for the Mediterranean

Virtual event 30th March


The Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) invites you to attend a high-level webinar on “Enhancing Mediterranean Integration“.
The CMI published a report “Enhancing Mediterranean Integration” which examines the various dimensions of Mediterranean integration in today’s context and provides policy recommendations for enhancing Mediterranean integration, beyond trade agreements.
The CMI Regional Knowledge Series will provide an in-depth presentation of the topic and associate renowned academic scientists and researchers to discuss the report’s findings, and exchange thoughts on the multiple dimensions of regional integration in the Mediterranean. The Regional Knowledge Series will consist of several webinars organized throughout 2021 each in partnership with a key Mediterranean partner and will culminate in a face-to-face or hybrid event, to be held later in 2021.
The first webinar on March 30th, 2021 will provide an overview of the current economic situation in the Mediterranean basin, and will propose several axes of discussion, including the form or forms Mediterranean integration could take; the structural obstacles that could thwart strong regional integration and economic development; and the possibility of developing an approach that directly involves essential actors of the North and the South Mediterranean.

  • Simultaneous interpretation in French and English will be provided.
  • The agenda and speakers’ bios for the first event are available here

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