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Montpellier Campus

Dedicated to training and research on tropical ecosystems, geo-information and water, the Montpellier campus is one of AgroParisTech’s eight sites. It is located on the Agropolis International campus.

The fields of activity covered are: remote sensing and spatialized information systems, water and aquatic environment management (processes, services, uses, global management and governance), environmental management of eco-systems and tropical forests. (policies in an international context, management and evaluation of management systems, ecological engineering and global change).

The training and research teams at Montpellier campus

Water Group

The Water Team carries and intervenes in a wide range of training courses (from Master’s to PhD), in France and abroad. The training and research activities of the collective are carried out in Montpellier by five AgroParisTech units: UFR SIED (Science and Engineering of Water and Waste), URF IGTE (Geographic Information for Territory and Environment), URF EMI (Industrial Economy, Public Management, Innovation), EU Water Management and EU “AgroParisTech – SUEZ”.


AgroParisTech’s “Environmental Management of Ecosystems and Tropical Forests” training and research group offers several specialised courses in ecosystem management: an AgroParisTech engineering major, two masters degrees, a specialised master’s degree, and a doctoral programme. The programmes have a strong international dimension.


Based within the “Maison de la Télédétection”, the collective produces and disseminates knowledge, concepts, methods and tools to characterize and understand the dynamics of rural areas and territories by mastering spatial information and remote sensing in the service of approaches, knowledge, territorial development and sustainable environmental management.

Management team

Pierre-Yves COLIN, Ph.D.

Director of the Montpellier centre

Myriam NIEL

Executive Assistant and Human Resources Liaison Officer

Our address


Montpellier campus
The AgroParisTech-SUEZ Chair

648 Rue Jean François Breton
34090 Montpellier, France

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Our partners

Our partners are aware that the achievement of the Chair’s ambitious objectives is dependant on the proper allocation of knowledge in management, experience, and expert training.