Solidarity funds for our managers in Palestine

Solidarity funds for our managers in Palestine

The Chair has been training water and sanitation managers in Palestine since 2013.

As you know, our managers have been in Gaza since October 7, 2023, in a desperate situation with women and children.

The Chair has set up 3 solidarity funds to help them get out via a secure channel.

Mr. Bashar Shaheen, his wife and 3 children
Mr. Mohamed Soor, his wife and 4 children
Mr. Fahed Khatib, his wife and 4 children

These are 3 managers who worked for the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility, responsible for providing water and sanitation in Gaza. Three men committed to the human development of their country, Palestine, three actors in the public services of drinking water, a resource so fundamental to ordinary life, and in such a context of war, to survival.

We support these three men and their families because we trained them at the “Water for All” Chair. They and their families are in great difficulty in Gaza.

They have been geo-located by our International School of Management based in Paris and Montpellier (“Water for All” Chair) since October 7.

For more than a month, there has been an official Israeli-Egyptian channel for exfiltrating our friends from the hell they have been in since the beginning of October. This channel is official and safe. The “Water for All” Chair is coordinating this fund-raising effort, and is committed to keeping you informed of the mobilization until the exfiltration from Gaza is successful, and our friends are resettled with supportive families who are members of the Chair’s international network.

Here are the 3 fundraising links to help them leave for Egypt

Solidarity fonds for Mr Bashar-Shaheen

Solidarity funds for Mr Fahed-Al Khatib

Solidarity funds for Mr Mohamed-Sroor

Thanks in advance for them.