1st Steering committee Ex Pots program with MS OPT Alumni

1st Steering committee Ex Pots program with MS OPT Alumni

The Chair has set up an Ex Post program with pilot countries for its French- and English-speaking alumni of the “Water for All” Advanced Master’s program – OPT – to measure the impact of the training and the return of skills of its trained managers to their water and sanitation utility companies.

This program has started last September in Casablanca with 4 pilot countries: Senegal, Burkina-Faso, Mauritania and Rwanda.

This program was created to meet the needs of the sector, improve service performance, share this impact with our funding partners and, above all, contribute to the development of developing countries.

It is sponsored by the Chair’s governing bodies and public and private partners.
It identifies essential skills by area of expertise and the levels required by business profile. It helps to develop appropriate coaching to support the needs of HR departments and training directors.
It is deployed by water and/or wastewater utilities and ministries, and by pilot countries in the fields of management, personal transformation and sector knowledge. For the time being, it will run for 2 years.

Project team / Roles and missions / Steering Committee

Regional HR Department and its counterpart: steers the project locally, contributes to filling in the skills & target levels tool, measuring the impact of action plans and their implementation, and actively participates in implementing the roadmap of training courses to be created locally. He/she contributes at every stage, liaises with the Agency’s CODIR and the Chair, is responsible for updating the list of targeted employees, and is in charge of recording the training carried out by employees.

Managers / Alumni: act as information relays throughout the project, from self-positioning to support for employees (individualization of the necessary training courses) in southern countries.